Big City dream - NYC

This trip is one of the most special trip ever. I got to travel with my mother to my city of dream. 

Why I traveled to Vietnam 🇻🇳?

I met Kerish in Singapore in 2010. Since we met we became very good friends. Our first trip we went was Malaysia. We enjoyed each other company. While we were in Singapore we would often hang out, we were students at that point of time.

I remember we happen to go this street called Clarke quay one evening, this is a very tourist street filled with cafes and restaurant in riverside. We decided to eat in sea food restaurant. We had an absolute good meal. We asked for our bill, when it came we were completely surprised. It was beyond our budget.  I did not have enough money so Kerish was very kind indeed to pay the bill.

After that dinner, Kerish and I got very busy with our exams and we hardly had time to meet up. It was always on my mind to treat her back for the lovely meal. I did not get the opportunity when I was in Singapore, as soon as our exam was over, I had to leave Singapore.

I had decided at that time one day I will definitely visit Kerish. In December,  2017 I made up my mi…

The gold ring...!

The story of my precious gold ring,
this gold ring is gifted by my mom,
she bought it from Thailand,
we both travelled together,
we went to this gold shop,
the owner was an old lady,
she was 94 years old,
she was a very sweet lady,
she looked into my eyes,
she said to me, one day you will travel the world,
mom did not buy the ring because she said that,
we got it cause we liked it a lot,
I have been wearing it for 9 years,
past few days I lost the ring,
I was very upset,
I remembered the old lady what she told me...
I found the ring,
it was the happiest moment in my life...
I hope never to loose you again...

Spring break in Amsterdam 2018

This trip was a last minute plan but it turned out so good. I definitely had the best time of my life. Even though it continued to rain throughout my stay but I never stayed in hotel. I went out every single day made the most of it.

I lived in the central of Amsterdam which was the tourist location with shopping centre, museums, cafes around. Absolutely love the hotel I stayed in, it was called best western Delphi Hotel. It was one of the best location.

When I arrived the first day I wanted to go shopping straightly away. It was already 6:00 pm and I knew that stores closes at 7:00 pm but still I wanted to try my luck. Luckily some stores closed at 8:00 pm so I was able to shop.

First thing on my mind was to get some winter coats and boots. Its been ages I haven't wore boots cause I live in UAE now. I bought two boots one from H&M and another one from Top shop. I absolutely love both of them.

I also did get a trench coat and grey coat one from H&M and grey from Zara. I wa…